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#Nightslantern Suppressed News / January 20, 2018 -- #Canada / #Chile / #Peru / #Nunavut

     Chalk River, Ontario : the private company, Canadian Nuclear Laboratories, is planning a nuclear waste disposal facility about a kilometer from the Ottawa River 180 miles upstream from Ottawa. The waste source would primarily be the Chalk River nuclear facility, most recently in the news as a source of nuclear trash trucked from Chalk River to Savannah Georgia in 2017 (Previous 1 and 2). The facility would take in a million cubic metres of nuclear waste from 2020 to 2070, leaving the waste to contaminate the land, the water table, the Ottawa River, and the downstream major cities of Ottawa and Montreal. Chalk River nuclear labs is asking for a ten-year renewal of its operating license from the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission which will hold public hearings from Jan.23rd to 25th at Pembroke Ontario. The company has not consulted with Indigenous group about storing the nuclear waste, as required under the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.     Partial sources online: "'Insanity' to allow nuclear waste disposal near Ottawa River, Indigenous groups say," Jan. 18, 2018, CBC News; "Proposed radioactive waste disposal site in Chalk River raises concerns," Apr. 10, 2017, CBC News.


– from  Night’s Lantern  The Pope Visits Chile and Peru
January 20, 2018.
    Chile: the country hosted a visit from Pope Francis in the midst of a major controversy concerning sexual abuse by Catholic priests. The Tampa Bay Times reports that the visit was marked by the burning of 11 (sic) Roman Catholic Churches. The source of the fire bombings is unclear though the media tries to blame the Mapuche Indians who have historically resisted European excesses. Many people remain angry at the Pope's appointment of a bishop with close ties to the country's best known exposed pedophile priest, Rev. Fernando Karadima. In the last ten years 78 members of religious orders or priests have been charged with or publicly accused of sexual abuses. While commiserating with victims of abuse during his visit the Pope's departure from Chile was marred by his statement refusing to accede to allegations - without proof beyond the accusations of Karadima's victims, that Bishop Juan Barros knew about and had covered up Karadima's crimes. The appointment of Barros and public discrediting of victim testimony reminds those who feared the Church's complicity and allegations of Pope Francis's collaboration with the Videla government during Argentina's 'dirty war'.     Partial sources online: "In Chile, pope met by protests, threats, burned churches," Jan. 19, 2018, Tampa Bay Times; "Pope Francis accuses Chilean church sexual abuse victims of slander," AP, Jan. 19, 2018, The Guardian.
     Peru: Following the pardon of war criminal genocidaire Alberto Fujimori, the popularity of President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski has fallen to a new low (20%). Kuczynski is currently married to Nancy Ann Lange of Rock Springs, Wisconsin, cousin of Jessica Lange, and has worked for American banking and resource extraction as well as the World Bank and IMF. Outside the spheres of corporate politics people generally believe Fujimori killed too many people and had too many Indigenous women sterilized, with too great a profit to himself and his family, to be convincingly pardoned. The Pope was called in to attempt a reconciliation in this predominantly Catholic country, but has avoided directly confronting the problem of Fujimori. Usually the Church stands against forced sterilization and death squad murders. It has made an attempt to take up the interests of Peru's Indigenous peoples who were Fujimori's main intended victims. The pope was able to note in a footnote, some protest to ongoing (AP) advocacy of sterilizing women without informed consent. Visiting Peru's Amazonian rainforest the pope declared the Amazon "the heart of the Church" and "our common home," a commonality which has historically enforced a genocide of the Amazon's Indigenous peoples. The papal visit was greeted with several fires including the burning of Christ on the Lima hillside, which officials traced to a short circuit. Shortly before the Pope's visit the Vatican took over the Sodalitium Christianae Vitae, a right-wing Catholic movement whose founder Luis Fernando Figari is fleeing charges of sexual abuse: the society was intended to recruit "soldiers for god," while countering liberation theology.     Partial sources online: "Ahead of Pope Francis visit, Vatican takes over Peru Catholic movement whose founder was accused of abuse," Nicole Winfield (AP), Jan. 10, 2018,; "Pope Francis tells Indigenous in Peru that Amazon is the ‘heart of the church’," Nicole Winfield (AP), Christine Armario, Jan. 19, 2018,; "Pope lands in Peru as president seeks help in political crisis," Jan. 18, 2018, Reuters; "The Latest: Pope decries sterilization campaigns in Peru," Jan. 19, 2018, Associated Press.

from Night’s Lantern: evidence of a genocide in progress
January 20, 2018
     Qikiqtarjuaq, Nunavut: For the first time the Government of Nunavut has dispatched a medical team to address tuberculosis in Qikiqtarjuaq where 10% of the residents have TB. Nunavut's chief medical officer is worried by high infection rates in about two thirds of the territory's communities. Historically the problem has been denied adequate Federal resources, concern and attention. Last Fall the Federal government of Canada launched a program to address tuberculosis among the Inuit, whose TB rate in 2015 was 270 times that of non-Indigenous Canadians. Previous. Tuberculosis among the Inuit is an affliction historically documented in, for example, surviving data on the shipments of thousands of Inuit TB patients to Hamilton Ontario from the 1940's to 1960's. Within a perspective of the Convention on Genocide, this is part of a larger emergency which has continued for so many years without being adequately addressed, that there is a strong argument for the intention of a genocide   Partial sources online: "10% of residents in Nunavut community infected with TB, crisis team to visit," Dec. 29, 2017, CBC News; "Inuit, Ottawa launch task force to fight tuberculosis in the North," Nick Murray, Oct. 8, 2017, CBC News; "'It gave me a sense of closure': Database on Inuit tuberculosis graves offers some answers," Nick Murray, Oct. 5, 2017, CBC News.
     Maskwacis, Alberta: Maskwacis is four Indigenous communities about 70 to 100 kilometres to the south of Edmonton. By unofficial report, since December fourteen people have taken their own lives (Morin, CBC). Community members say emergency suicide hotlines connect to people with no understanding of Indigenous culture. The people fear hospitals which might lock them up or where children services will take away their kids. Within a perspective of the Convention on Genocide, this is part of a larger emergency where the conditions of a genocide remain inadequately addressed assuring its continuation.     Partial sources online: "No state of emergency on Alberta First Nation reeling from number of suicides," Martha Troian, Jan. 11, 2018, APTN National News;"'We are dying': Maskwacis community members overwhelmed by suicides," Brandi Morin, Jan 14, 2018, CBC News.

- J.B.Gerald, Gerald and Maas Suppressed News 2018

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Unite Against Fascism | Nazi National Action – six appear in Westminster Magistrates court

Unite Against Fascism | Nazi National Action – six appear in Westminster Magistrates court: National Action were banned in December 2016, making membership of the group a criminal offence carrying a sentence of up to 10 years’ imprisonment. It is the first Nazi group to be proscribed as a terrorist organisation. All six are due to appear next at the Old Bailey on January 19.

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Fascists Burned Down Libertatia Squat in #Thessaloniki | Enough is Enough!

Fascists Burned Down Libertatia Squat in #Thessaloniki | Enough is Enough!: According to the cops around 100.000 people attended at the nationalist demo in Thessaloniki today, including many fascists. After the demo started under the statue of Alexander the Great, a large group of fascists attacked the social center “The School”. The cops didn’t stop the fascists during their attack against the social center School (video below). Anarchists repelled the fascist attack and the fascists had to retreat.

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From Wallmapu to Nunatsiavut | Warren Bernauer | Monthly Review

From Wallmapu to Nunatsiavut | Warren Bernauer | Monthly Review: //

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La última maldad que le hicieron a la familia de Lisbeth Ramírez // La última maldad que le hicieron a la familia de Lisbeth Ramírez - Luego de varias horas de espera en el campo santo Jardín Metropolitano de San Cristobal, donde inicialmente se había informado sería llevado el cuerpo sin vida de Ramírez, las autoridades avisaron los allegados de la occisa que sería sepultada en Cárdenas.

A través de un audio difundido por el diputado a la Asamblea Nacional Franklin Duarte, se conoció que en el sitio se presentó una situación irregular debido a que agentes de la Policía Nacional no permitieran el paso de los ciudadanos que pretendían acompañar a los familiares de la víctima en el cementerio.


Relatives of Lisbeth Ramírez Mantilla, the only woman killed during the police and military operation in El Junquito against Óscar Pérez and her group, had to travel to Táriba Consolidation cemetery in Cardenas municipality, in Táchira, after they were notified that there the young woman's burial would take place.

After several hours of waiting in the holy garden Metropolitan Garden of San Cristobal, where initially had been informed Ramírez's lifeless body was taken, the authorities warned the relatives of the woman who would be buried in Cardenas.

Through an audio broadcast by the deputy to the National Assembly Franklin Duarte, it was learned that the site presented an irregular situation due to the fact that agents of the National Police did not allow the passage of citizens who wanted to accompany the relatives of the victim in the cemetery.

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