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Senegal closes dozens of schools linked to exiled Turkish cleric

Senegal closes dozens of schools linked to exiled Turkish cleric: [] Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan visited Algeria, Mauritania, Senegal and Mali recently, meeting with heads of state and bringing along Turkish business leaders to increase investments in Africa. Erdogan pointedly thanked the countries for closing the Gulen-affiliated schools.

"Most of the countries that were exploited by the [Gulen] terror organisation were in Africa," Erdogan said at the beginning of the week-long trip. Schools in Gambia, Guinea, Somalia, Chad, Mauritania, Niger, Gabon, Senegal and now Mali have been transferred to his government's Maarif Foundation, he said.

In Senegal, the Maarif Foundation opened three new schools.

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Lisa Held // Florida’s Farmworkers Take Their Fight to Park Avenue | Civil Eats

Florida’s Farmworkers Take Their Fight to Park Avenue | Civil Eats: [] Estabrook also noted that other labor groups as diverse as construction workers in Texas to garment workers in Bangladesh are using the program as a model for improving working conditions in other industries. “It’s a template that, when you adjust it, can be applied to almost any work situation.”

While 14 major national retailers, fast food companies, and food service providers have signed on to the FFP, Wendy’s has resisted signing on, and instead shifted its purchasing of winter tomatoes to Mexico, citing higher quality as the impetus and also arguing that the premium demanded by the FFP would amount to them “paying another company’s employees.”

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Minderjeet Kaur // Report: Muslims-only, Chinese-only show Malaysia’s growing racism | Free Malaysia Today

Report: Muslims-only, Chinese-only show Malaysia’s growing racism | Free Malaysia Today: The Malaysian Racial Discrimination Report 2017, released today, said the government had reneged on its promises to promote national unity.

“In fact, racism has become more pronounced and is being increasingly used as a tool to divide and rule.”

It added that with the 14th general election (GE14) around the corner, politicians from both sides of the political divide had resorted to race-based politics to win support.

The 46-page report said the rise in racial and religious discrimination was not only worrying but also highlighted the inherent danger due to the overreach of bureaucratic Islamic institutions.

According to the report, 2017 saw an increase in incidence of racial discrimination.

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[WGAR-news] 'Participants in the remote CDP are contg to be hit with penalties at a much higher rate..' A NewReport by ANUresearcher LisaFowkes


// Social security penalties applied to participants in the
Community Development Programme to September 2017

Lisa Fowkes, Centre for Aboriginal Economic Policy Research, ANU

'A new report by ANU researcher Lisa Fowkes has shown that
participants in the remote Community Development Program (CDP)
are continuing to be hit with penalties at a much higher rate
than people in mainstream employment services.

'Even though participants in the CDP program make up
less than 5% of of all of those who are subject to mutual obligation,
they receive more penalties than the other 95% of Australians combined.

'The vast majority of those being penalised - ninety percent (90%) - are Indigenous people.
The main reason for the extraordinary rate of penalties being applied is that
people in the CDP scheme have to do around twice as many hours of
Work for the Dole as other Australians.

'The hours are inflexible - so that people have to attend 5 hours each day, every day of the week.
They have to do appointments and job search on top of these hours.
And, as we know, access to health and other services in many remote communities is poor,
so many people who should have reduced hours for health reasons cant get them.

'Unfortunately the Government has refused to acknowledge the damage being done
to people by these harsh penalties in some of our country's poorest communities.'

Read Lisa Fowkes’ report, under the following topics/headings:

* Key Points,
* Background,
* Total financial penalties,
* Penalties applied for failing to attend Work for the Dole,
* Serious Penalties,
* Employment outcomes, &
* Declining caseload.

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Sign Petition to Keep Falsely Accused Brazilian Indigenous Leader out of Prison -NOW!

Will be delivered to:
Public Prosecutor's Office of the State of Acre and 1st Criminal Court of Cruzeiro do Sul

The persecution suffered by indigenous peoples goes on. Benki Piyãco of the Ashaninka People is one of the most respected young indigenous leaders in Brazil. Its commitment to the protection of the Amazon rainforest and its guardians, the Indigenous Peoples, as well as to the reforestation of the Ashaninka territory and for agroforestry programs, is acclaimed and rewarded around the world. The growing influence of Benki Ashaninka has apparently become a threat to those who profit from the destruction of the planet's green lung.

We must all mobilize to protect this man who works for the common interest of humanity. Remind that that Brazil is the country with the largest number of environmental activists murdered, with indigenous representatives frequently persecuted, including by the Brazilian authorities.

Join our collective and sign the petition launched by Benki Ashaninka's lawyer. It will be handed over to the Brazilian Public Ministry.

Will be delivered to:
Public Prosecutor's Office of the State of Acre and 1st Criminal Court of Cruzeiro do Sul


After being threatened in the city of Marechal Thaumaturgo (in the Brazilian state of Acre), Benki Piyãko, Ashaninka leader of the Upper Juruá region, sought help from the local police. He reported to the authorities the risks of violence against himself, because of his role as an internationally recognized environmental activist, and as representative of the Ashaninka Community of the Amônia River.

After listening to the accused ones, and without hearing Benki neither other witnesses, the police decided to dismiss the complaint. Even worse, the police authority accused Benki for the crime of false accusation, demanding the prosecution of the indigenous leader.

The State Prosecutor's Office has agreed to follow up the case and has opened an information procedure against Benki, who can face a sentence of up to 8 years of imprisonment. The case is currently in the pre-trial phase and will be judged soon. Defense lawyer Antônio Rodrigo Machado has long been active in the defense of the Ashaninka people and is very active in the fight against illegal logging. According to him, "Benki Piyãko has sought the Brazilian state to demand the protection of police forces and now he is, on the opposite, on the dock, charged with a crime he did not commit. Victim of the selective nature of the Brazilian penal system, it is not only the freedom of Benki who is at stake, but also the respect due by the country to the Peoples of the Forest and their cultures.

Will be delivered to:
Public Prosecutor's Office of the State of Acre and 1st Criminal Court of Cruzeiro do Sul

France Libertés
Nature Rights
Planète Amazone



Signe/part: (traduction ci-dessous)

La persécution des peuples autochtones continue. Benki Piyãnco du peuple Ashaninka est un
des leaders indigènes brésiliens de la jeune garde la plus respectée. Son engagement à
protéger la forêt tropicale humide d'Amazone et ses gardiens, peuples autochtones, le
reboisement et des programmes d'agroforesterie est acclamé et récompensé dans le monde
entier. Son influence croissante est apparemment devenue une trop grande menace à ceux qui
profitent de la destruction du poumon vert de la planète, qui est essentiel pour notre propre

Nous devons tous mobiliser pour protéger cet homme qui travaille pour l'intérêt commun
de l'humanité.

Bien habitué à être témoin de la persécution juridique des activistes indigènes au Brésil, le
pays avec le plus grand nombre d' activistes environnementaux assassinés dans le monde,
Planète Amazone tient à établir un partenariat avec n'importe quelle organisation ou
personnalité qui peut aider à divulguer la pétition déposée. Sur Avaaz par l'avocat de Benki,
que nous avons connu et avons admiré depuis longtemps,

Après être menacé dans la ville de Marechal Thaumaturgo (l'état brésilien d'Acre) après des conflits de territoires, Benki Piyãko, Ashaninka le leader de la région d'Alto
Juruá, s'est plaint à la police pour rapporter les risques de la violence contre lui, à cause deson rôle comme un activiste environnemental et un promoteur d'agroforesterie
internationalement reconnue et primée et le responsable de la communauté Ashaninka
d'Amônia - Apiwtxa la Rivière(le Fleuve).
L'enquête de la plainte est allée au siège social de la municipalité, examinant seulement les allégations de l'accusé et sans entendre Benki Piyãnco ou les membres de son association, ils se sont décidés, non pas seulement pour la plainte, mais aussi à l'accuser, demandant l'ouverture de poursuites judiciaires contre le leader indigène lui-même, pour le crime de dénonciation calomnieuse.
Le procureur de l'État d'Acre a accepté l'acte d'accusation et la suite de l'affaire criminelle
contre Benki Piyãnco et maintenant le leader Ashaninka peut être condamné à un maximum de huit ans en prison. Le processus de la preuve dans la première salle du criminel dans Cruzeiro Sul / AC la région est dans l'argument final pour la défense et l'accusation et elle jugera bientôt. L'avocat responsable de la défense de Benki est Antonio Rodrigo Machado, aussi actif dans la défense du peuple Ashaninka dans d'autres affaires contre des bûcherons.
Selon l'avocat, "c'est à cause de Benki Piyãnco a demandé à l'état brésilien de profiter de la protection de police qu'au contraire, il se trouve étant aujourd'hui assis sur le banc
des accusés pour un crime qu'il n'a pas commis. En devenant la victime du favoritisme du
système de justice pénale brésilien, c'est non seulement la liberté de Benki que l'on menace, mais particulièrement le respect de ce pays vers les Peuples de la Forêt et leurs cultures."



Signo / parte: (traducción más abajo)

La persecución de los pueblos autóctonos continúa. Benki Piyãnco del pueblo Ashaninka es uno de los líderes indígenas brasileños de la joven guardia más respetada. Su compromiso en proteger el bosque tropical húmedo de Amazona y sus guardiánes, pueblos autóctonos, la repoblación forestal y de programas de agrosilvicultura es aclamado y recompensado en el mundo entero.

Su influencia creciente aparentemente se hizo una amenaza demasiado grande a los que sacan provecho de la destrucción del pulmón verde del planeta, los que es esencial para nuestra propia supervivencia.

Nosotros todos debemos movilizar para proteger a este hombre que trabaja para el interés común del humanidad.

Bien acostumbrado a ser testigo de la persecución jurídica de los activistas indígenas en Brasil, el país con número más grande de los activistas medioambientales asesinados en el mundo, Planeta Amazona quiere establecer una colaboración con cualquier organización o personalidad que puede ayudar a divulgar la petición registrada. Sobre Avaaz por el abogado de Benki, al que conocemos y admiramos desde hace tiempo,

Después de ser amenazado en la ciudad de Marechal Thaumaturgo (el estado brasileño de Acre) después de conflictos de territorio, Benki Piyãko, Ashaninka el líder de la región deViola Juruá, se quejó a la policía para denunciar los riesgos de la violencia contra él, a causa de su papel como un activista medioambiental y un promotor de agrosilvicultura internacionalmente reconocida y premiada y el responsable de la comunidad Ashaninka d' Amônia - Apiwtxa el Río.
La investigación de la denuncia fue a la sede de la municipalidad, examinando
solamente las alegaciones del acusado y sin oír a Benki Piyãnco o los miembros de su
asociación se decidieron no sólo la denuncia, sino que también acusarlo, pidiendo la apertura de persecuciones judiciales contra el líder indígena mismo, para el crimen de denuncia calumniosa.
El fiscal del Estado de Acre aceptó el acta de acusación y la continuación del asunto criminal contra Benki Piyãnco y que mantenían al líder Ashaninka puede ser condenado a un máximo de ocho años en prisión. El proceso de la prueba en la primera sala de lo criminal en Cruzeiro Sul / AC la región está en el argumento final para la defensa y la acusación y juzgará pronto.
El abogado responsable de la defensa de Benki es Antonio Rodrigo Machado, tan activo en la defensa del pueblo Ashaninka y en otros casos contra leñadores.
Según el abogado, " es a causa de Benki Piyãnco pidió en el estado brasileño sacar provecho de la protección de policía que al contrario, se encuentre el que hoy sea sentado en el banquillo de acusados para un crimen que no se comprometió.
Haciéndose la víctima”

Please enable images
The Indigenous Environmental Network  |  PO Box 485  |  Bemidji, MN 56619  |

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