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Mexico: The Pope’s Two-Faced “New Face”


Mexico: The Pope’s Two-Faced “New Face”: [] Let’s look at the two-faced “new face” of the Vatican:

1. Blessing the genocide of indigenous peoples: In speaking about the Conquest [the Spanish Conquest of the Americas], Francis said, “There were abundant sins, and for them I ask forgiveness, yet where there was sin there grace abounded all the more.” The conquest and colonialization of the Americas’ first peoples were not “sins against god” but a physical and cultural genocide that eliminated more than 95 percent of the original population to serve the interests of the European powers and incipient capitalism. According to the pope, this genocide was mainly a good thing because “grace abounded” thanks to “the priests and bishops who firmly opposed the logic of the sword with the strength of the cross.” In reality, both the sword and the cross were essential weapons to make the original peoples submit to the rule of the Spanish monarchy and the pope’s authority.

In Michoacan [a state in western Mexico with a large indigenous population], Francis will try to identify himself with “Tata Vasco” (“Papa” Vasco de Quiroga, the first bishop in Michoacan), and in Chiapas [a state in southern Mexico, also with many indigenous people, as well as descendants of Africans] with Bartolome de las Casas [the state’s first bishop]. Both men criticized the enslavement of the indigenous people (although de las Casas defended slavery for Africans) and ended up finding favor with the Spanish kings when they began to seek less bloody ways to suppress the people, since Spanish massacres were producing much resistance to “evangelization.” When Francis went to the U.S., he declared Junipero Serra a saint. Serra was a priest who wielded the cross and sword to enslave indigenous people in the mines of South America and the “missions” on the West Coast of what is now the United States. The mission system led to the death of more than 60,000 American Indians from 1769 to 1821. The enormous wealth squeezed out of the blood and bones of millions of indigenous and black people provided a large part of the foundation on which capitalism went on to dominate the world.

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