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Por un 8 de marzo antipatriarcal y anticapitalista - Boltxe


Por un 8 de marzo antipatriarcal y anticapitalista - Boltxe - Boltxe -- Capitalism needs and legitimizes inequality, is a structure of domination that sustains their survival through various oppressions perpetrated against the working class. Within our own class, the contradictions of gender, nation, race or sexual dissidence exacerbate the fragmentation of it, and capitalism uses these cracks to ensure their rate of profit and the underpinning of the ideological foundations that make up its dominant discourse.
But capitalism without the heteropatriarchy, is nothing. Working women, as subject and body, has been the intensification of these contradictions with more violence and determinism, if possible. The heteropatriarchy has served to create conditions of domination between the sexes, women have been subordinated to devalue the value of their work in all areas, both in the productive and reproductive. In addition, the configuration of the heteropatriarchal family is the tool that capitalism has historically been used to perpetuate patriarchy as ideology and social value that permeates all human relationships.
Capitalism has made us responsible for reproductive work, however, even being relegated to it, exercise it for free, systematic slaves of social reproduction of the labor force, essential to ensure the production conditions of the capitalist system. Which leads us to point indisputably that the subordination of women workers is the goal of the survival of this system of domination guarantor.
Our body suffers the most explicit violence of the capitalist system. Our work is more precarious, we are impoverished, the consequences of the capitalist crisis affect us more bluntly turning away more than equality, and being more vulnerable to exploitation and displacement. Not only our workforce is exploited, our body is public domain, and values ‚Äč‚Äčthat pervade patriarchal societies make us suffer discrimination within our own class. All the same we are, Basque, black, Kurdish, lesbian or transgender, womanhood will always be the common element that underpins our vulnerability and subordination.
Feminism must be integrated primarily in the struggle of the working class in general and the Basque working people in particular. Our emancipation of women, must go hand in hand for our emancipation as a class and as a people. We do not want equality within the operating conditions as men in the capitalist system, do not want to be equal to men in their class contradiction. We want to be free as women and workers, we want to overcome the Patriarchy and Capitalism as structures of domination.
From Maiatzak1egin! we want to make the feminist discourse of the offices of universities, "desintelectualizarlo" and make mastery of the working class. Regain its prominence in work centers. can not be a struggle, must be vertebral all struggles, there is no revolution without us, without us, there is no victory.
Against capitalism,
A WOMEN workers!

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