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Disturbing New Documents Reveal Orlando Shooter Omar Mateen's Allegations of Racial Harrassment by Police Co-Workers | Alternet


Disturbing New Documents Reveal Orlando Shooter Omar Mateen's Allegations of Racial Harrassment by Police Co-Workers | Alternet: The documents feature complaints Mateen filed with the St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Department in which he recounted vicious and sustained racial harassment by deputies serving at the courthouse where he worked.

Here are just a few of the incidents Mateen alleged:

  • Mateen said a sheriff’s deputy named John Roleau taunted him, asking, “Don’t you Arabs sleep with goats?” Mateen was of Afghan descent, not an Arab, and he was born in the United States.
  • Robert MacNamara, a deputy and Gulf War veteran said to have a reputation for right-wing views, praised former Republican Rep. Alan West for his anti-Arab posturing, according to Mateen, and declared, “we need to kill all the fucking Muslims.” In another instance, Mateen claimed MacNamara would stand behind him outside the courthouse and “clip and unclip” his gun holster to menace him.
  • Mateen stated that someone put Rep. Alan West campaign stickers on his car and deflated his front two tires while he was parked at the courthouse.
  • Deputy Rusty Wright allegedly met Mateen in a courthouse hallway, pointed at a dirty mat on the floor and said, “Isn’t it your prayer time? Take your magic carpet and pray to your Allah and make sure it’s in the east.”
  • Several deputies badgered Mateen with questions about Muslim infiltration of American society and taunted him with accusations about the Islamophobic concept of creeping Shariah. “I did economics investigations for a few years and Italian mobs get caught and drug cartels get caught, but you Muslim Arabs are sneaky and know how to do it without getting into trouble. You guys do a lot of Western Union,” Sgt. Jeff Buchanan said, according to Mateen.
  • Deputy Bobby Dimarco casually referred to Mateen as “Aladdin” over the police radio, Mateen said. “You guys had your Arab spring, now it’s time for our redneck spring,” said another deputy, Michael Robinson, according to Mateen. Mateen said other deputies mocked him as a backward primitive, spoke openly about slaughtering Muslims, offered him bacon, and relentlessly taunted him about praying while on lunch break.
  • Mateen claimed his colleague from the private security firm G4S, Lt. David Torres, was one of his main antagonists, urging the sheriff’s deputies to view him with suspicion and once remarked, “Muslims are similar to Jews…they rape the system and monopolize.” Another G4S employee, Hunter Dennis, said, “Omar, you look like a Haji I killed in Iraq,” Mateen said. “Omar, I had rifle training in the military and I can shoot up to 200 yards away,” Torres declared, according to Mateen. “And if I hear you say, ‘Allahu Akbar,” I will shoot you in the head.”
  • Mateen complained: “After every terrorist event that would occur on the news, I would get confronted by Deputies throughout the day [asking what I thought] about it and if I knew more about it. From the time I would come in until the time I would leave.”

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