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Update on #StandingRock struggle / #NoDAPL


By Mahtowin, United American Indians of New England

It has been a very roller-coaster kind of day with #NoDAPL events. It is NOT all over and people are NOT all going home now. Please do not turn your gaze away from this struggle. Read on:

– ARMY CORPS OF ENGINEERS DID NOT GRANT THE EASEMENT TO BRING THE PIPELINE UNDER THE WATER AT THE CURRENT ROUTE THAT IS ON UNCEDED TREATY LAND. This means that Energy Transfer Partners does not have the proper permit to follow their currently planned route and drill under the water at the current site.

This is definitely a victory for the Power of the People when we take action. The government was forced to bow before the incredible strength of the movement that we all have been building for several months.

BUT people are legitimately worrying that Energy Transfer Partners might still drill there anyway – they might just go ahead and drill and worry about the fines later, which the Trump Administration may not even levy. Maybe the corporation and the feds hope that everyone will go home and then there will only be a handful of people on-site to oppose them.
Another unanswered question is whether the Trump Administration will simply find a way to reverse the Army Corps of Engineers’ current decision.

– Even if the Dakota Access Pipeline does not go through at that site, the feds are clearly making plans to reroute it so it can be finished. This project is still not safe. Water is still sacred. The black snake pipeline needs to be stopped no matter where it is routed!

– The Army Corps of Engineers’ eviction notice for December 5 has not been rescinded. They had previously issued this notice and said that the camps needed to be cleared away from land that the Army Corps of Engineers considers to be “theirs” (even though it is actually unceded treaty land belonging to the people of Standing Rock). It remains to be seen whether Morton County or any other authorities will try to clear the camps, although they would be unlikely to do this right now when the numbers of people are in the thousands.

– There is still the very important matter of hundreds of people (more than 550) who have been charged with various crimes and misdemeanors. No matter what happens, a key demand will need to be: Drop All The Charges Now! Additionally, Morton County Sheriffs and other abusers will need to be brought to justice.

– All of this means that everyone who supports #NoDAPL will need to continue to be vigilant and apply all possible forms of pressure.

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