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Nightslantern Suppressed News // #Bolivia / #Yemen


Gerald and Maas 2018 Suppressed News
June 16, 2018     Bolivia     Yemen
      Bolivia: on April 3rd, condemned by a jury for the murders of protestors by police under his regime, former President of Bolivia, Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada and his Defense Minister, Carlos Sanchez Berzain, were to pay $10 million dollars compensation to the families of their victims. However on appeal, Florida Judge James Cohn, ruled May 30th that there just wasn't enough evidence.... He dismissed the jury's verdict. Berzain and de Lozada have been living in the U.S. as refugees since the October 2003 massacre when police opened fire on protestors objecting to the export of natural gas, killing 67, wounding about 400. Former President de Lozada went to a Quaker school in Iowa, then the University of Chicago; in Bolivia he was occasionally referred to as "El gringo."     Partial sources online: "US Judge Revokes Sentence Condemning Bolivian Genocide," May 31, 2018, Telesur; "Bolivia ex-leader 'not responsible' for protest deaths," May 31, 2018, BBC News; "U.S. jury finds ex-Bolivia leader responsible for civilian deaths," Danny Ramos, April 3, 2018, Reuters.

      Yemen: on the verge of what the media concede is a humanitarian crisis, about seven million of the Houthi Shiite population in Yemen face starvation as U.S. backed Saudi/UAE forces cut the food supply line and take over the port town of Hodeidah. The Saudis have been bombing and destroying Yemen's infrastructure since at least 2015. Starved by military tactics, war and famine, the Houthi face a terminal food shortage headlined in Modern Diplomacy as "America's genocide". Missing from current media reports on Yemen is news of the ongoing cholera epidemic, the largest in history, and related to the destruction of the country's infrastructure. According to the World Health Organization, between April 2017 and May 2018 Yemen endured 1,100,720 cases of cholera with 2,291 associated deaths. Yemen authorities, WHO and UNICEF, have administered an oral cholera vaccination program (a dose lasts 6 months, 2 last 3 years) from May 6th to 15th, but WHO says millions remain at risk. Reporting in Yemen, Gary Brecher makes a strong case that the famine was/is artificially (ie. intentionally) induced by the Saudi and allied military blockade of food as well as medical supplies. Blockading medical relief for prevention and treatment of cholera in areas of high poverty seems the current weapon of choice against the poor, not only in Yemen but in Haiti. In Zimbabwe an overwhelming cholera epidemic in 2008-2009 was claimed by its Minister of the Interior to be the result of biological warfare. Cholera is fairly easily controlled but lethal when there is a lack of fast medical response, as in areas of war, natural disasters and contaminated water. So there is a kind of impunity in the U.S. backed Saudi coalition's intention to deny a starving civilian population in a war zone, food, clean water, and medical supplies. The Saudi alliance military actions are enforcing conditions which inevitably lead to mass death. The hugeness of the crime finds its way into random incidents. A new Médecins Sans Frontières cholera treatment facility clearly marked with the logos of MSF and the Red Crescent was bombed by U.S. supported Saudi/UAE forces on June 11, 2018. As a result of violence against them throughout the country the Red Cross has had to pull 71 of its workers. Records should be kept of the chains of command for military actions and the blockade of supplies necessary for the civilian population, and of arms supply to the region, with the aim of eventual prosecution.  Genocide warning. Partial sources online: "America’s Genocide in Yemen Starts Tuesday," Eric Zuesse, June 12, 2018, moderndiplomacy; "The War Nerd: Anglo-American Media’s Complicity in Yemen’s Genocide," Gary Brecher w. The Exiled, June 11, 2018, naked capitalism; "Fighting the world’s largest cholera outbreak: oral cholera vaccination campaign begins in Yemen," 10 May 2018, World Health Organization; "Battle for Hodeidah: How the destruction of one Yemen port could send millions into famine," Bethan McKernan, May 29, 2018, Independent: "MSF Cholera Treatment Centre attacked in Abs Yemen," Médecins Sans Frontières, June 11, 2018, reliefweb; "WHO: Cholera ‘continues to threaten millions’ in Yemen," June 6, 2018, MEMO/Middle East Monitor; "Outbreak update – Cholera in Yemen, 31 May 2018," May 31, 2018, World Health Organization.
- by J.B.Gerald, graphic by J. Maas, John Bart Gerald and Julie Maas

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