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How many inmates have died in Sheriff Joe Arpaio's jails? Who knows, but it's a big number.


How many inmates have died in Sheriff Joe Arpaio's jails? Who knows, but it's a big number.

The number of suicides is off the charts, which is sadly understandable when you consider the proven mistreatment
of inmates and the conditions in places like Tent City. The food is
atrocious, Tent City can reach 145 degrees in the summer, and one
federal judge ruled twice
that the medical care and other conditions are unconstitutional. So,
while most big county lockups have suicide rates ranging from 6 to 14
percent, the percentage of deaths in Arpaio’s jails from suicide is 24
percent. And, as Lacey says, it’s probably higher, except nobody really

From 1996 to 2015, the suicide rate among jail deaths in Sheriff Joe
Arpaio's lockups was an astounding 24 percent, with 39 of the 157
hanging themselves.

Furthermore, of the 157 deaths listed on the sheriff's watch on the
M.E.'s chart, 34 simply are tagged as having been found dead with no
explanation as to cause of death. More mysteriously, another 39 died in
the county hospital without explanation. That's 73 deaths — nearly half
of all deaths — that county authorities list as "who knows?"

It gets worse. Arpaio’s guards kill inmates or just let them die at a chilling rate. Last year Felix Torrez
was picked up for riding his bike to work on the wrong side of the
street, taken to jail, and died from a bleeding ulcer while jailers
ignored his cries. Or in 2011 Gulf War veteran Marty Atencio was
manhandled and Tased by eight guards, then left to die (warning: graphic video). County
residents have shelled out more than $140 million to pay for these
criminal fuck-ups—one of the earliest and largest being the $8.25
million that Scott Norberg’s family received after the victim died while being restrained.

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