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2016 Suppressed News - December 16, 2016


2016 Suppressed News: December 16, 2016

Syria: media news sources agree that the Syrian army with support from Russia and Iran, has regained 90% control of Aleppo, a focus of resistance to the Assad regime. Media reports concerning this area have been confusing and unreliable. Why? Logically, the opposition is funded through proxies by the U.S. and NATO, since US/NATO policy has required regime change. It has tried to displace Syria's President Assad although he is assured the majority support of the people through democratic elections. The US/NATO war against Syria is covert, illegal, and a war crime of aggression. This fact is muted by the allegations of US officials charging unproven war crimes by Syria and Russia. Much of the US press, media, and NGO establishment is used in this information war. Objective journalists risk being identified as dissidents and subjected to what (Prof.) Stephen Cohen calls the "new McCarthyism" (Dec. 14, 2016, Democracy Now!). The US/NATO propaganda campaign spills over into statements by Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, damaging their organizations' credibility which is necessary to evidence of war crimes in other countries. Official attempts to increase anti-Russian feelings are close to "propaganda for war" (See Article 20, International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights). Recent testimony for the people, countering most Western news sources is available from Eva K. Bartlett, a journalist with extensive experience on the ground who is able to source media allegations to partisan or corrupt parties."Canadian journalist Eva Bartlett exposes Western Media lies on Syria" [access:< >]. A genocide warning for the people of Syria as a national group may remain until the elected government is entirely restored (see previous: "Isis as a Mirror," 2016).

Caution - propaganda for war: in Syria, and in the Ukraine, and in the unproven charges of Russian interference with US elections, extreme uses of propaganda are being used by government and media to encourage North American people to allow military aggression against Russia. People must realize what an aggression against Russia might mean and discourage the propagandists. -eds.

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