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A Communiqué from the ANG Public Information Bureau:

To the International Indigenous Community
To all Colonised Peoples of the Fourth World
To all Brothers and Sisters taking part in the Indigenous Struggle for Land and Liberty

(Multnomah Nation Territories / 4th World) APNS – The Aboriginal News Group (ANG) at this time wishes to acknowledge the untimely passing (transition) of our Brother; co-editor and revolutionary Comrade-in-Arms Arthur Manuel (Secwepemc/Ktuanaxa Nations)

The editors and contributors of the ANG and the Aboriginal Press News Service (APNS) are deeply saddened and shocked by the (online) announcement of the sudden passing of our long-time (covert) associate editor, Arthur Manuel a/k/a ‘John-John’, a citizen; community leader and revered son of the independent Secwepemc Nation, currently militarily encompassed, subjugated and illegally occupied by the colonial Euro-settler authority of British Columbia, Canada. As a collective, we wish to extend our sincere condolences and heartfelt prayers to his significant other; his immediate family; his friends and his many, many Indigenous and non-Indigenous comrades across the expanse of the Fourth World.

We grieve with you.

Bro. Manuel, son of George Manuel (Secwepemc) and Marceline Paul (Ktuanaxa) was a dedicated Indigenous street-fighter and writer committed to protecting the interests of First Nations / Indigenous Rights in Occupied Canada1 / the 4th World and for universal Human Rights for all Peoples everywhere else.

Reared on Neskonlith Reserve, BC and inducted into Occupied Canada’s extensive residential school(s) system, he sought-out higher education at Concordia University and Osgoode Hall Law School as a means of combating Indigenous genocide and invisibility in Occupied Canada. He has served his community honourably as the political/cultural chief (1995-to-2003) and was chosen by the community as their chair-person for the Shuswap Nation’s tribal council, (1997-to-2003). He was also on the board of directors for the Seventh Generation Fund for Indigenous Peoples; participated in the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues;2 worked with the Convention on Biodiversity Conferences of the Parties in The Hague; spokesperson for the Indigenous Network on Economies and Trade (INET); volunteered as a spokesperson for the Defenders of the Land; chair of the Global indigenous caucus; added his voice to the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights; lodged formal complaints/petitions against the colonial government of Occupied Canada for abuses committed against Indigenous Peoples to UN legal departments using the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights as a judicial guideline and served (since the very beginning) as a clandestine contributor to the Aboriginal Press News Service newswires and the APNS-Public Radio Internet broadcast.

Bro. Manuel served as co-editor of the APNS main newsblog and reported on First Nations news to the Twitter platform via (@AbRts). He also contributed to a number of APNS newswire editorials (along with TheAngryindian) and provided research materials and much-needed needed insight for many of the subjects mentioned on 4th World Radyo.

Most notably, Bro. Manuel he did his work with the APNS-ANG project anonymously so as to protect his nation; his family and his comrades from the certain repercussions meted out within Occupied Canada to those who are vociferously conscious and stand-strong in defending their human; territorial and ancestral rights against the abuses routinely levied against First Nations People(s) across the Fourth World.

Now we can share this part of his story.

His life was dedicated to resisting the threat of colonialism and genocide. And he worked with the ANG-APNS – as a silent voice – towards that end as a fellow brother-in-arms, neck-deep in the struggle internationally, while helping us keep the APNS grassroots newswire afloat at the same time at the basic level to keep the People(s) informed.

We will miss him.

– Editors of the Aboriginal News Group.


For further inquiries please contact:

ANG Public Information Bureau / The Fourth World:


1Indigenous Leader Art Manuel: "Indigenous People Are the First Ones Impacted" by Western-Driven Resource Extraction | Democracy Now!
2As Permanent Forum Opens, Deputy Secretary-General Says Indigenous Peoples Must Be Involved ‘Every Step of the Way’ in All Decisions on Development | Meetings Coverage and Press Releases

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