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2017 Suppressed News - April 11, 2017 Democratic Republic of the Congo Syria


2017 Suppressed News: Democratic Republic of the Congo update: the Globe and Mail reports that Canadian mining companies Ivanhoe Mines Ltd., Banro Corp. and Alphamin Resources Corp., are among those increasing their operations. Specifically in the Eastern Congo (see previous) Banro which is based in Toronto took 200,000 ounces of gold from its Twangiza mine and Namoya mine during 2016. 70% of all Congolese live under the poverty line. Despite "incidents" targeting Banro's personnel it plans two additional mines to double production. Dan Gertler, the Israeli billionaire is heavily invested in Congo, and has been a principle supporter of the Kabila governments as well as an alleged purveyor of enormous bribes. While the Catholic Church has taken credit for the current peace in the Congo, the country waits for President Joseph Kabila who has outstayed his mandate in power, to step down at the end of 2017; there's increasing violence against church personnel throughout the country. Rwandan President Paul Kagame, alleged responsible for the genocide of Hutu in the DRC, has addressed AIPAC in New York City, asserting common ground between Rwanda and Israel in their populations of Holocaust survivors. The Dan Gertler owned mining company, Oil of DRCongo (of his Fleurette Group), reports discovering an oil reserve of 3 billion barrels under Lake Albert near the border of Uganda. Drilling plans require the" relocations" of villages. Partial sources online: "Canadian mining companies turn bullish on Congo, despite its violence ," Geoffrey Yorki, May 19, 2017, The Globe and Mail. "Diamonds forever: Will Israel stay away from Congo?" Daniel Brett, Jan. 11, 2017, Al Arabiya English; "Israeli-Owned Mining Company Discovers Vast Oil Reserves in DRC," AFP. March 25, 2017, Arutz Sheva; "Deteriorating security situation in DR Congo 'a source of major concern,' warns UN envoy," March 21, 2017, United Nations News Centre; "Genocide des Hutu au Congo: Temoignage d'un Rescape," Gaspard Musabyimana, Nov. 2, 2010,

Syria: (previous). Three articles by Prof. Michel Chossudovsky question the official accounts currently preparing the Euro-North American public for war:
* "Pentagon Trained Syria’s Al Qaeda 'Rebels' in the Use of Chemical Weapons"
* "When America’s 'Progressives' Pay Lip Service to Imperialism. The Anti-War Movement is Dead"
* "Washington’s False Flag: United Nations Confirmed that US Supported Syrian “Rebels” Were Using Chemical Weapons"

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