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2017 Suppressed News :: April 17, 2017 Easter Monday


April 17, 2017 Easter Monday2017 :: Suppressed News: Ireland: Irish First Mothers has asked Ireland's Attorney General to initiate a case against those responsible for genocide against unwed mothers of the poor, forced into detention, whose children were stripped from them and placed for adoption. Circa 1945 to 1975, 2200 Irish babies were placed for adoption in the U.S. without respecting laws protecting the human rights of the mothers. A letter of request for action was also sent to the International Criminal Court not requesting charges but requesting help for Ireland's Attorney General with advice and procedural facilitation. The Attorney General's response was that her offices couldn't initiate charges. On April 4th Irish First Mothers wrote the Attorney General demanding action: We now charge that a religiously founded and motivated, State-funded, mass system of de facto incarceration caused us grievous life-long injury; then forcibly removed our children by means of systemically uninformed, impaired consents to adoption. Our children were with intent transferred from us as unmarried mothers to couples married in civil law under religious ceremonies. The Convention on Genocide includes as genocide under Article II - e., Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group. The Irish First Mothers' argument relies on the customs and enforcement of the Catholic Church in placing unwed mothers in detention and taking away their children. On March 3rd the Mothers and Baby Homes Commission of Investigation reported evidence of the remains of children at Tuam Mother and Baby Home run by the Bon Secours order. Partial sources online: "Homes survivors’ group ceases co-operation with commission," Conor Lally, March 13, 2017, The Irish Times; "Call for genocide prosecution over mothers’ homes," Justine McCarthy, April 9, 2017, The Sunday Times; "Formal Genocide Charges v. Irish State, Religious Institutions and Persons," Kathy McMahon Founder, Irish First Mothers, April 4, 2017,; "Heart-wrenching documentary shines light on adoption trade of Irish ‘illegitimate children’," Christina Finn, Sept. 18, 2014,; "What's The Difference Between Long Kesh and a Mother And Baby Home?" Finfan Dunne, March 20, 2017, Irish First Mothers.

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