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Unite Against Fascism | Fascist flop in Edinburgh – Broad and lively response humiliates ‘White Pride’ farce


Unite Against Fascism | Fascist flop in Edinburgh – Broad and lively response humiliates ‘White Pride’ farce - UAF Scotland was delighted that around 400 anti-fascists ensured the pathetic presence of just 29 fascists was humiliated in Edinburgh, today.The so called White Pride event, by the Nazi rump, the National Front, was half the size of their flop in Swansea last year.

Anti fascists from a variety of organisations and none, saw off the tiny spatter of fascists, who were only able to be in Edinburgh because of police ‘facilitation’. No one in the city wanted the fascists and they left, as ridiculed, as they arrived. Anti-fascists were shocked, but not surprised by the sieg-heiling of the Nazis behind police lines. None of them were local and were bussed out of the city in the same way they came in behind scores of police lines.

The fascists had also hoped to capitalise from the shocking events in London, last week, but their hateful words fell on deaf ears. The nazi National Front publicised this as a national demonstration, the low turn-out shows the weakness of the fascist movement here in Scotland and in the rest of Britain.
In contrast to the fascists, anti fascists were lively and showed all the best features of our multicultural society. The fascists latest flop was mocked by a wide range of speakers, who showed the breadth of support for the UAF assembly (see below, plus a new quote from Robina Qureshi, Positive Action in Housing)

Anti fascists, off all ages were composed of students, refugees, trades unionists and various campaigners. RMT, EIS, UCU, Unite the Union Scotland were amongst Trade Unions who arrived with delegations. Following on from the SDL debacle in Alloa recently, this shows again the strength of anti fascists in the country and the weakness of fascists. This has only been so due to campaigners such as UAF Scotland, and others, who have worked to maintain fascist forces don’t get a toehold.

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