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April 30, 2017 Europe Chile U.S.A. - 2017 Suppressed News - Europe: the ethnic cleansing of the Roma people is in progress, marked by policies which signal an intention to assure the eventual death of a people. The persecution of Roma people continues throughout Europe, so deeply entrenched in European attitudes that the EU Human Rights Commission has not effectively countered. Recent destruction of Roma encampments as reported by media continues in both Italy and France. In Italy the press was barred from witnessing the expulsion of Roma from their encampent outside Naples on April 7th. Throughout France water, sewage and electric fees for traveling units are increasing past affordability. An elected member of the National Front suggests that Roma people have their gold teeth pulled to pay food and lodging expenses. The Communist Party mayor of the town calls him to account. The National Front party finds his "humour" in "bad taste." On April 6th, an Italian deputy to the European Union, Mara Bizzotto, announces to the European Parliament that "Roma children in Italy didn't want to go to school because their families made them stay at home to beg and steal." The European Roma Rights Centre has just issued a report, Thirsting for Justice, on the ways in which Roma access to water is being limited in Slovakia, France, Hungary, Montenegro, Macedonia, Albania, and Moldavia among other European countries. The report avoids confronting many of the more powerful European nations, while revealing a concerted effort to deprive Roma of life sustenance, physical and mental health. An example of Roma community conditions in Beregovo Ukraine (a quotation from the report referencing ERRC research): "Beregovo, Ukraine – A large Roma settlement on the outskirts of the town. Some five to six thousand people share two or three taps located along the main unpaved road. These taps are often closed down or out of order. The municipality entrusted the taps’ use and water fee collection to a local ‘baron’ (unofficial community leader). There is no official policy on collecting water fees and barons collect lump sums per capita regardless of the consumption. Barons are often appointed by the local authorities (not elected by communities) to administer public services in segregated Romani settlements, these appointments together with money-lending practices secures them a dominant position in the community. There is no sewage system in the settlement, only self-made pit-latrines and a self-made canal for waste water and other waste located some 10-20 metres from the houses." As previously mentioned, in France last year 6 of every 10 Roma families were forcibly evicted putting 10,000 in the street. Most of the evictions occurred in the winter months. The rise of anti-Semitism is gradually being equated with national hate crimes against Roma peoples referred to in the English language press as "Antigypsyism." Night's Lantern's early genocide warnings for Roma in the Czech Republic, France, Hungary, Italy, Kosovo, are extended to all countries throughout the European Union. The Treatment of the Roma people in France and elsewhere in Europe may foreshadow how Europe will eventually attempt to treat all its poor.     Partial sources online: "Thirsting for Justice: Europe's Roma Denied Access to Clean Water and Sanitation," March 2017, European Roma Rights Centre (Budapest) [access:< >]; "Thousands of Roma 'made homeless' in France in 2016," Anealla Safdar, Feb. 7, 2017, Al Jazeera News; "Roms en Italie : une expulsion cruelle," April 7, 2017, Amnesty International France; "Isère : un élu FN propose de "récupérer 'les dents en or' des Roms," March 17, 2017, franceinfo; "La députée italienne Mara Bizzotto s'attaque aux Roms au Parlement européen," April 11, 2017, francinfo; "Villenave-d'Ornon : un camp de Roms évacué par les CRS," Yves Maugue, April 25, 2017 France Bley Gironde; "Thousands of Roma Forced onto Streets of France in 2016," Press release, Feb. 7, 2017, ERRC; "Recensement des évacuations forcées de lieux de vie occupés par des Roms (ou des personnes désignées comme telles) en France: Année 2016," Feb. 6, 2017, Ligue des droits de l'Homme [access:< >].

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